Erie, PA Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Sickness finds people at their most vulnerable, not because it can’t be overcome, but because getting better usually means going for help, putting faith in someone else to diagnose and treat the problem. Medical professionals, bound by rules of their profession, cannot fix everything, but if something that can be fixed is instead made worse because the rules aren’t followed, then a lawyer can help by trying to make it right. If you call me today, I will listen to your story. I want to know, first hand & in your words, what happened to you. I will go to bat for you. I will be your advocate - in your corner.

  • I can help you find out what happened that made things worse
  • I can help you find out who caused your injury
  • I can help you find out if things could have been different
  • I can recover money for your injury. Money for you & family members
  • I can recover money for your lost wages if you are disabled
  • I can recover money for rehabilitation, both physical and emotional