Erie, PA Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt on the job - on a construction accident, at the office, in a factory, or on virtually any job site - contact me and I will start investigating to find out if there's a way to have you paid for your work injury and lost wages. I promise to give you my very best & if you don't recover compensation, then you will pay nothing. 

When researching the best Erie personal injury attorney, you probably came across many lawyers and law firms who do extensive advertising. The reason they advertise is because personal injury lawyers can charge a percentage, typically 1/3 of the verdict or settlement, instead of an hourly rate. Sometimes a case will take endless hours.

Is it fair for a lawyer to make the same percentage no matter how much time they spend on your case? I don’t. I will charge a lower percentage if liability is clear and the only dispute is how much the personal injury victim (you) are entitled to recover.

Call my office (814-452-4473) and we can discuss fair fees for fair work.

Personal Injury Lawyer Erie, PA

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Here's a sample of the injury cases I've personally represented:

  • Negligent roadway maintenance - Trial Jury Verdict: $150,000.00
  • Vehicle negligence, neurologic injuries - Settlement: $300,000.00
  • Pedestrian injury - Settlement: $175,000.00
  • Premises liability - Settlement: $75,000.00
  • Product liability, formaldehyde poisoning, wood product companies - Confidential Settlement
  • Physical therapist negligence, excessive weight training - Trial Jury Verdict: $420,000.00
  • Defective product, bone screws - Confidential Settlement
  • Worker death, inadequate safety devices on forklift - Confidential Settlement
  • Birth injury, obstetrical negligence, premature induction - Settlement: 3.0 Million