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Whether you were hurt on the job — during a construction accident, at the office, in a factory, or in virtually any other work setting — you will need a personal injury lawyer to fight for you, investigate fully, and work to recover your lost wages.

Additionally, you may need an advocate who will help seek compensation for pain and suffering as well as reparation of medical expenses associated with your workplace injury. 

As a lawyer working on personal injury cases, my focus is on reaching a successful verdict for you. This means that if no compensation is recovered from your case — for any reason — then you pay nothing. 

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall accident often occurs from wet floors, broken stairs, uneven sidewalks, or poor lighting and can result in serious injuries like concussions and broken bones. 

Escalator and elevator accidents

Approximately 17,000 people per year get injured by escalators and elevators, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Falling objects

This type of accident tends to occur when improperly stacked merchandise falls from store shelves or when equipment and materials are dropped at construction sites.

Workers compensation

Accidents happen in every type of workplace. Victims of workplace injuries often are not responsible for the injuries they acquire, as they can be a result of employer or coworker negligence.

Dog bites

It's important to understand Pennsylvania's dog bite laws and work with a personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one has been a bit or attacked by a dog that wasn't yours.

Product liability

Sometimes companies will cut corners or ignore safety concerns in order to rush a product to market which can end up harming the people who use or purchase them.

Have you been a victim of a personal injury as a result of one of these types of accidents? Reach out today to have your case reviewed for free. 

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Why Choose Attorney Hunter?

I promise to give you my very best and if you don't recover compensation, then you will pay nothing. I will charge a lower percentage if liability is clear and the only dispute is how much the personal injury victim is entitled to recover.

If you've found yourself here, most likely your injury is serious and probably impacting your livelihood. It may even be affecting your family or home life. Don't waste any more time seeking help. Reach out and let us know what happened so we can review your case and take the necessary steps to recover compensation for you.