What is your case worth?

Every case is unique in its own way so there isn't a way to accurately estimate how much your case is worth.
Although we can't give you an exact number, we can help determine what you're entitled to for your case.

Here are just a few of the cases I've personally represented over the years:

  • Malpractice trial against local physician - Trial Jury Verdict: $300,000.00
  • Physician & hospital negligence, no diagnosis, pulmonary embolus - Trial Jury: $1.2 Million
  • Birth injury, obstetrical negligence, premature induction - Mediated Settlement: $3.0 Million
  • Negligent roadway maintenance by municipality - Trial Jury Verdict: $150,000.00
  • Physician negligence, failure to treat brain hemorrhage - Trial Jury Verdict: $500,000.00
  • Physical therapist negligence, excessive weight training - Trial Jury Verdict: $420,000.00
  • Vehicle negligence, neurologic injuries - Settlement: $300,000.00
  • Pedestrian injury - Settlement: $175,000.00
  • Premises liability - Settlement: $75,000.00