Hurt in an Erie, PA vehicle accident & looking for the best lawyer to handle your claim?


Each year in Erie, traffic accident lawyers like me are contacted to help with hundreds, and perhaps thousands of automobile wrecks on highways, freeways, tollways, bridges and other roadways. I bring many collision cases to a successful conclusion without having to go to trial, so clients are not forced to go through expensive, time consuming litigation. Auto related injuries can be caused by a rear end fender bender, or a fatal, alcohol related DUI tragedy. Contact me today (814-452-4473) to find out if you have a legal claim

I help people suffering harm that causes extreme physical pain and suffering, and financially ruins the victims of bad drivers.

Negligent and reckless vehicle operators tend to ignore safety rules & leave victims with huge medical bills, lost wages & daily pain that was unforeseen at the time of the tragedy. 

If the suffering wasn’t enough, the economic loss also causes additional mental anguish. Plaintiffs often suffer serious agony, mutilation wounds, or death in a car crash. A family member can lose their wife, husband, kids, house, and their job. If you lost a wage earner to a death or disability, you may require in home nursing care, feel a loss of companionship, and be depressed. Hiring me will help ease some of the uncertainty and is the first step in recovering money for these debilitating and life threatening situations.

I also litigate truck wrecks and other cases involving motorized carriage, like limos, in Erie County as well as Crawford County and Warren County, and all across Western Pennsylvania. As your advocate, I am very familiar with the different rules and regulations and Pennsylvania and federal law as it relates to trucks and large moving vehicles on the roadways. Retaining me, as an experienced auto injury lawyer will almost always give you an edge.


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